Festka Rover
Sturdy Tara 3d Painted
Reilly T47
Reilly Gradient
Pegoretti Responsorium
Parlee Z Zero
Parlee Z Zero Disc
Parlee Rz7
Parlee Rz7 Grey
Mosiac Gt 1
Mosaic Rt 2
Mosaic Rt 1 Disc
Mosaic Gt 2
Mosaic Rt 1 Disc
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We have a portfolio of some of the most unique and beautiful bespoke bicycles. 

We will  deliver your bike to you in person and ensure that everything is set up perfectly. 

Bespoke bike fitting and custom builds, worldwide

Welcome to the Bike Tailor: your journey to the perfect bike starts here.

Whether you’re new to cycling, need a precision bike fitting or a unique custom build, you’re in the right place.

Our partnerships with the world’s most respected brands including Mosaic, Festka, Parlee and Dario Pegoretti, paired with our unrivalled knowledge and understanding of cycling and cyclists, means The Bike Tailor will absolutely transform your next ride.

Our client portfolio includes the cycling elite, serious enthusiasts, and those who want the perfect custom fit and build.

With a personal, agile service we will deliver your bike to you in person –wherever you are in the world – and ensure that everything is set up for perfection.

Bike fitting service

You don’t have to be a professional cyclist to enjoy the long-term benefits of a perfectly fitted bike. Believe us, your body will notice the difference immediately.

A thorough cycle fit will feel more comfortable, reduce the risk of injury, and it will improve your power. This gives you the confidence to ride knowing that you are in the best possible position and you can enjoy your bike for longer and further.

The Bike Tailor’s services include standard and professional fitting; bike sizing; saddle fitting; saddle pressure mapping; cleats set up; and sports physio.

We even have exclusive access to state-of-the-art wind tunnel facilities at Silverstone. So, for your next, super-defined bike fit, contact us to book in a wind-tunnel fitting session at the performance centre.

Bespoke bicycles

Your dream bike is closer than you think. We can custom build your perfect bike and make sure it fits like a glove.

We use the most beautiful components from the world’s most sought-after brands, using hand crafted frames made from aluminium, carbon, titanium, and steel. Nothing is out of reach.

We have a portfolio of some of the most unique and beautiful bespoke bicycles on the market today.

Perfect colour, size, and fit can all be yours. Using the best and most beautiful frames, wheels and accessories in the world, we can create a match made in heaven. Just for you.

Going the extra mile

If you already have a bike that needs a service, maintenance, or even emergency care, it doesn’t matter where you are, we’ll come and collect it from you.

If we can fix the problem there and then, we will; if not we will take the bike away, give it the spa treatment and return it to you a few days later in tip-top condition.

Call us or email us for anything your bike needs.

Need more information?

Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email sr@thebiketailor.com or give us a call on 01273 569006. We love talking all things bike and are dedicated to helping you reach your potential.