A great bike fitting in London

Get everything – and more – out of your bike

Visit us at The Bike Tailor’s ‘bike surgery’ at VIA Atelier, London N1C 


Unlock the ultimate cycling experience with professional bike fitting services in London. At The Bike Tailor, we specialise in customising your ride for optimal comfort, performance, and injury prevention. Whether you’re a road cyclist, triathlete, or seeking saddle and footbed solutions, our comprehensive fittings cater to your unique needs. Experience the transformative power of a perfectly fitted bike and elevate your cycling journey to new heights.

-Road bike fitting-

The perfect road bicycle should feel comfortable, allow for rides as fast and far as you wish, and cause little discomfort and no injury. You need to be prepared for anything – and when you come to us for a bike fitting on your road bike, we will make sure you are. 

Looking for a road bike fitting near me?

Standard fitting with Stephen – £400 

Unlock peak performance with our 2-hour comprehensive bike fit for road, track, and triathlon. Led by Stephen Roche, owner of The Bike Tailor, our London bike fitting services utilize Dartfish video capture for precise cleat positioning, saddle pressure mapping, and saddle and handlebar adjustments. Get your measurements confirmed in a detailed email report. Elevate your cycling with precision and performance


Pro bike fitting with Stephen – £550 

A 2-3 hour comprehensive bike fit for road, track, and triathlon with the Bike Tailor’s manager and owner Stephen Roche. This service, using Dartfish video capture, includes:

  • Foot and shoe assessment
  • Sidas custom footbeds
  • Cleat positioning
  • Saddle pressure mapping
  • Saddle and positioning
  • Handlebar adjustments

After the session, you’ll receive an email report confirming all the measurements.


Saddle pressure mapping – £150

Experience our one-hour fitting session in London for unparalleled saddle comfort. Our experts offer a tailored experience, including our unique “try before you buy” service with test saddles available for a ride. Discover optimal comfort and performance on your bike with our London bike fitting services.


Sidas custom footbeds – £200

A 30-minute foot and shoe assessment, designed to create bespoke footbeds – you can increase performance and comfort, and eliminate pain. 


Need more info?

No worries – drop us an email sr@thebiketailor.com or give us a call on 01273 569006. We love talking about all things bike and all we want in life is to help you reach your potential! 

Looking for a bike fitting in London? Look no further!

It’s super simple: you don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from a perfectly fitting bike.

Bring your bicycle to our bike surgery at VIA, King’s Cross, and see how your bike can be transformed into something amazing.

A custom bike fit: what do you get from The Bike Tailor?

Browse our services below and make your appointment. You will always see a professional bike fitter who will make all the adjustments you need – and tweaks you didn’t even know you needed. 

We use Dartfish bike fitting software to take a whole range of measurements and we also store that info for the next time you come and see us. We use this software for things like pressure mapping, power output, pedalling mechanics, and aerodynamic testing. 

If you like, you can choose to have your session with Stephen, who is the founder and owner of The Bike Tailor, and whose advanced expertise is reflected in his prices. 

A quick overview of what any session can do for you: 

  • A standard bike fit
  • A professional bike fit
  • Bike sizing
  • Bike saddle fitting
  • Saddle pressure mapping
  • Formthotics
  • Cleats set up
  • Vo2max test
  • Sports Fysio

Bike fitting LONDON – Get more out of your bike

Bike fitting can be low down on a bike owner’s list – if you have a new bike, you might think that your shiny machine will work for you right away, or if you have an old bike, you might think Old Faithful knows your body well enough to look after you. 

We can tell you now, London: neither of these is true. 
A professional and personal cycle fit is always essential, if you want to avoid aches, strains, and injuries and especially if you want to perform comfortably in a time trial, ironman, competitive racing, or for pure enjoyment.

Find us in London!

We can be found at the bike lover’s haven, VIA Atelier, King’s Cross, every Thursday and Friday. You just need to make a quick appointment and you can bring your bike along for a full fit according to your personal needs and measurements. 

A thorough bike fit by someone who knows what they’re doing will only improve your comfort and confidence – reducing the risk of injury as well as improving your efficiency. Then, you can cycle knowing that you’re in the best position to enjoy riding your bike longer and further!

All the gear; great idea

The Bike Tailor difference is that we have access to some of the most sought-after equipment to make sure all your vital statistics are captured accurately – say hello to great performance and goodbye to knee and back pain.

TT bike fitting

We’ve helped cyclists win races after a cycle fit session with us, and we can take seconds off your race too. A time trial bike fitting, will get you and your bike into the correct position for the absolute best aerodynamics, allowing you to gain more speed and total control.

Ironman bike fitting

Ironman races are about the best speed and the most endurance, so you want to be speedy on the bike and ready for the run. With our experience, expertise, and equipment, we will find your optimum ironman bike set up by making vital adjustments.

Aero bike fit

When you’re an aero cyclist, your focus is to whip seconds off your time and make it to the finish line with a smooth ride. Yes, choosing the right bike will be the first step, but it’s the aero bike fitting that makes the world of difference.



Need more information?

Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email sr@thebiketailor.comor give us a call on 01273 569006. We love talking all things bike and are dedicated to helping you reach your potential.