Bike fitting – Get more out of your bike

Bike fitting is often underrated and overlooked, especially when buying a new bike. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to reap the rewards from a perfectly fitted bike. Believe us, your body will thank you for it later.

A thorough cycle fit will improve your comfort and reduce the risk of injury as well as improving your efficiency. This gives you the confidence to train harder knowing that you are in the optimal position and means you can enjoy riding your bike for longer and further.

Here at The Bike Tailor, we know how important a well-fitted bike is, so we’re super passionate about providing a perfect bike fitting service – meaning you and your bike can live happily ever after!

Professional bike fitting service

– TT Bike fitting –

We don’t need to tell you that when it comes to time trial cycling, getting the perfect position on your bike is key to your success. With our TT bike fitting service, we can make sure that your bike is in the correct position for optimum aerodynamics, to enable more speed and total control.

Worried about comfort too? No problem, that’s why we’re here! Every detail will be taken care of, thanks to our technology and years of experience.

– Ironman bike fitting –

Ironmans are about speed and endurance – they’re not called ‘Ironman’ for nothing. You want to be fast on the bike and fresh for the run. So, with our knowhow we’ll find your optimum position and make the vital adjustments.

With a great ironman bike fitting, your race will be fast and strong. With a decent ironman bike set up, your position, aerodynamics and power will be the best it can be – putting the least amount of strain on your body so you’re ready for the next stage of the race.

– Aero bike fitting –

You want your aero bike to be speedy and knock seconds off your time. While the bike itself is a huge factor in reaching your target, it’s the aero bike fit that makes the difference.

Because we’re all different, you need to have an aero bike fitting that’s bespoke to you: your shape, your position and your style. That’s why we’re here: we’ll give your aero bike the star treatment, meaning it’ll become as much a part of you as your passion for the ride.

– Road bike fitting –

Your perfect road bike should be comfortable, allow you to ride as far and as fast as you like, and it shouldn’t cause you any injury. A road bike has to do it all. It might take you over smooth tarmac or bumpy country roads, so you – and it – need to be prepared for anything.

A good road bike fitting will make the most of your new or existing bike and allow for a pleasurable cycle ride. Get in touch to talk to us about your road bike fitting.

Your custom bike fit: what do we do?

A standard bike fit

A professional bike fit

Bike sizing

Bike saddle fitting

Saddle pressure mapping

Sidas insoles

Cleats set up

VO2 Max test

Sports physic

STANDARD bike fitting

£200 (2 hour session)

The most comprehensive bike fitting service for road, track & triathlon.

Where necessary, adjustments are made to your bike set-up, including the cleat position. After the session, you’ll receive an email confirming all the measurements.

This package includes a free follow-up session within 3 months of your initial appointment.

PRO bike fitting

£300 (3 hour session)

This service includes everything in our Standard Fit plus the below extras.

Saddle pressure mapping

sidas insoles

Custom foodbeds

dartfish 3d motion

Bike sizing

£90 (3 hour session)

When buying an off-the-peg bike, it’s vital to choose the right frame size.

In this session we’ll identify not only the size you need but we can also replicate the geometry of any bike you are considering buying, giving you the confidence to make your cool new purchase.

Bike saddle fitting

The saddle. The one place you don’t want to be uncomfortable, right? We’ll make sure your whole body is going to be as happy with the ride as you are. With a good bike saddle fitting, we’ll test your flexibility, set it to the optimum saddle height, width and angle.

Saddle pressure mapping

£100 (1 hour)

This is the most sophisticated way of finding your perfect saddle. Taking the principles from a saddle fitting to the next level, with a saddle pressure mapping session, we’ll use our software to gather data based on ISM saddles, your physique, even the fabric, then use that info to find your personalised fit.

And the best bit of all: we’re the only bike fitting service who offers a ‘try before you buy’ option. Try out a saddle and if you’re not happy you can swap it. If you loved it, we’ll deliver it to you, or fit it for you!


Custom Footbeds

Includes fitting the new Sidas footbeds to your feet and shoes to eliminate pain and increase comfort

Included in the Pro Fit

Cleats set up

Getting your cleats set up just right is key. Not just key to how you perform but how you keep your body strong and free from injury. There’s a lot of discussion about what the best position is for cleats, but to us it’s simple: you want to make sure that your cleats are set up to suit your body.

We’ll use our know-how and technology to find the best position for you. Then you can ride your best ride.

VO2 max test

£100 (1hour)

As described perfectly by, “VO2 max, also known as maximal oxygen uptake, is […] one of several tests used to determine an athlete’s cardiovascular fitness and performance capacity.”

We’ll use our equipment here at The Bike Tailor to give you a VO2 max test and help you understand your performance. It’s especially useful info if you’re preparing for an endurance ride, for example.

Wind tunnel testing

Here at The Bike Tailor, we’ve teamed up with Silverstone Sports Hub to make the most of their cycling wind tunnel technology. The best thing about our wind tunnel testing is that we use Silverstone’s inimitable equipment and pair it with our years of experience.

We’ll get the best out of you and your bike by measuring your performance against turbulence, crosswinds and basically replicating real world conditions. Perfect for cyclists of all abilities and available to customers all over the UK and Europe.

Professioinal bike fitting means professional bike fitting software

At The Bike Tailor, we use Dartfish bike fitting software. We use it to help us detect the range of measurements needed to adjust your bike and find the best fit. We can also store that info for the next time you come for a bike fitting, to give us a head start.

Some of the areas we use the software for include pressure mapping, power output, pedalling mechanics, and aerodynamic testing (especially when it comes to our wind tunnel testing).


£50 (45 mins)

Included in the Pro Fit

Our Sports Physio will assess your body through a series of stretches to find any problematic areas you may have.

They’ll address any current issues you may have and recommend a number of stretches and exercises you can do to avoid future injury.

Need a bike fitting in london? look no further!

If you’re based in the Big Smoke, we’re here for you. London has hundreds of thousands of cyclists and if you’re one of them, get in touch with us to book an appointment. We’ll give you the best bike fit for your London rides.

Mobile bike fitting

We get that it’s not always easy to find time to get your bike fitted. That’s OK, we won’t hold it against you. In fact we’re so OK with that, we’ll even come to you to give your cycle the spa treatment. Wherever you’re based in the UK or Europe, get in touch to find out about our mobile bike fitting.

bike fitting brighton

Brightonians, your bikes are in great hands. We’re based in Stanmer so for us, giving your bike a fitting service beside the sea is up there with our other favourite things like grabbing a beer on the beach. Contact us today to make your appointment.

bike fitting surrey

Hey Surrey, we’ve got you. If you’re based in one of the most beautiful counties in the UK, we can give your cycle a jolly good fitting, so you can be your best as you whizz around the North Downs. Get in touch and let’s have a chat.

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