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We’ve done your homework for you, searching everywhere – we mean the entire globe – for only the best bike builders to help us create our custom builds. After visiting many factories and workshops, we have selected four brands whose components we love to use all the time: two in Europe and two in the USA.


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We are privileged to be a part of the global Festka family. This esteemed brand is located in the Czech capital, Prague. Personalised, flawlessly finished designs make this brand so special.

Since the company started in 2010, Festka has always used precision machines, with technology used in the aerospace industry. And, when only hand crafted will do, they use the talents of their top experts.

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Dario pegoretti

Officina (or ‘Workshop’) Dario Pegoretti creates stunning, steel bicycle frames. Using their skills in creativity and artistry, the Pegoretti team builds bikes and bike frames fatti con le mani (made with the hands) in Verona, Italy.

Pegoretti craftsmen and women are continually inspired by their founder’s unique vision – helped by their legendary coffee meetings – and today the workshop is still a beacon for riders who want something unique and honest, created with fastidiousness, precision, and style.

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Mosaic Cycles was created by people who see a bike as more than just a bike. This group of master craftsmen and women believe bikes should be a form of self-expression leading you to personal success and many years of enjoyable rides. Founder Aaron Barcheck is a Master Builder and is dedicated to adapting his vision to new generations of riders. Mosaic bike frames are expertly made from either steel or titanium.

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Since 2000 Parlee has blazed the trail with breakthrough designs. Always in the market for world firsts, Parlee was the first brand to produce a sub-900-gram carbon fibre road frame. (Later smashing the 800-gram barrier.)

Their designs have been recognised with major accolades, from Bicycling Magazine’s Editors’ Choice to Cycling Weekly’s Race Bike of the Year and Eurobike Design awards.

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