Nominated For Sexiest Trail Hardtail of 2016!

So recently on the Pinkbike forums there was a thread created where users were discussing what they believed to be the sexiest AM/FR/Enduro hardtail of 2016, The thread was getting a little heated shall we say and so pinkbike’s editor decide to make a post with thirteen bikes they nominated and amazingly one of our mustard builds got nominated!!!!

It is a huge honour to even be nominated we were up against some big players in the hardtail scene including stanton, production privee and BTR just to name a few. How did we do i hear you asking? well we came 5th which is a huge accomplishment for us and we would just like to say to anyone that did vote thank you for the support it was an incredible way to finish 2016 and hey stay tuned there are big things in the plans for 2017!