At this years Bespoked show in Bristol we had this pretty pink BOO CX bike on show. On first look most people see a bamboo bike as a bit of a novelty or an ‘enviro. friendly’ bike but BOO bikes are far from that. BOO chose bamboo based on its mechanical properties and decided it was the most suitable material to use to make the type of bikes they wanted to manufacture.

Bamboo is natures own composite material and will provide a comfortable, vibration dampening ride, but also offer you responsiveness and efficiency when putting the power down in a climb or sprint. It’s also incredibly tough and durable too. These qualities make it particularly ideal for off-road endurance riding, such as a gravel/adventure bike. Find Bicycling’s review on the BOO SL-G (gravel bike) here.

Check out the BOO site for some cool videos on how the bikes are made and lots of technical info on what makes these bikes awesome.

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