Colnago E64

The Italian Job

E-bikes have grown in popularity since the first lockdown back in March 2020. Made by the wonderful Italian brand, Colnago, it’s based on their Queen C64 model. Despite having an engine and battery, it’s low in weight and smoother than many e-bikes on the market. 

This is a bicycle that’s not usually on my core list – but then again, I can get hold of almost anything if you get in touch for a chat about what you’d like!

I don’t know what you think of e-bikes, but I suggest you read on and make your mind up once I’ve told you a bit more about this supreme build.

The pleasure of pedalling with extra oomph

Launched in 2019, the Colnago E64 was described by as an intuitive bike to use and that, “unless you’re looking closely, it’s honestly hard to differentiate the E64 from a regular non-assisted bike”. 

The engine is located in the rear hub; the battery is cleverly tucked away in the down tube. This means space is saved and weight is low. It also means you keep all the aesthetic pleasure of a classic bike as well as getting a smooth, light ride. 

The beauty of this machine is you can ride it with the pedal assist mode off as well as on. With the simple push of a button, you can make it as easy or as hard for yourself as you feel like!

The Bike Tailor cycle fit service

We give you all the benefits of a bespoke bike fit when building your new custom-built bicycle. That means a more comfortable ride; fewer stress injuries, aches, and pains; less fatigue; and no numbness in places you’d rather not have to think about. 

Bike fitting

How much will i pay for a custom built bike?

We’ll listen to what you need and want for your dream bike. Call us for a chat; we think you might be pleasantly surprised at the cost of a custom-build compared to a standard, off-the-peg bike. 

Interested in talking to us about a custom-builtbike?

A five-minute phone call is our favourite way of getting to the heart of what you need. Alternatively, just fill in the quick form on our contact page and request a call back from us.

We can’t wait to rise to the next challenge!

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