Custom Bike Fit Case Study GT1 Mosaic Gravel

GT1 Mosaic Gravel Adventure mountain bike

For this project, our customer wanted an extremely specific bike. He is an adventure cyclist, doing 2000+ miles on terrains around the world. As this guy travels with his bike, rides long distances (understatement!) he wanted a portable, versatile all-in-one bike.

Extremely bespoke to the client, this unique bike needed to be built for the road and gravel use, with wheels that can handle other environments too.

It needed to be robust yet comfortable for those gruelling distances. Perhaps our biggest challenge yet…

So, what did we do?

Let’s look at the elements

  • Mosaic GT1 frame
  • Chris King hubs
  • Seat post by Thomson
  • Handlebars by Thomson
  • Alto wheels
  • Clip-on tri bars by Profile Design

the build

Mosaic GT1 frame: one of the best gravel bikes on the market anywhere in the world. According to this highly respected bike brand, the GT1 “geometry lands between traditional road and off-road frame specs” with a performance that lends itself to “comfort, longevity, and functionality”. Just the job for this client.

Seat post: this was from Thomson, namely their Elite seat post. We chose this particular component for its strength on long, tough rides, and its ease of adjustment.

Clip-on tri bars by Profile Design: as this adventure bike is needed for many different landscapes and purposes, our client needed to be able to switch positions. The tri bars clip onto the existing handlebar and allow for an aero position, which can improve speed when the rider needs it most.

S&S coupling breakaway frame: what makes this bike special is that our rider can easily travel with it. So, he can break away the frame to fold it into a case, making it portable for adventures abroad.

This bicycle even has suspension corrected geometry, so that a suspension fork can be fitted a later date.

Overall, the great thing about this build – and the thing we’re really proud of – is that we changed a few bits of the componentry to suit the rider and stuck within his original brief at the same time. A pleasure to work on this one!

the bike fit

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Bike Tailor build without the perfect bike fit. So that means that as we build, not only are we keeping the end use in mind but we’re making it perfectly align with our rider’s measurements and optimum position.

With a great bike fit, all of our riders will have minimal injuries and maximum power – for longer.

custom-made bike costs

Your bike will be set up for you and you alone, so the costs will depend very much on what you want to get out of your bicycle. Feel free to email or call us for an in-depth chat about how we can build your next unique bike.

interested in getting a custom-built bike?

If you’re looking for a custom build for your next adventure be it a Time Trial, Triathlon, Ironman or everyday bike, contact us to discuss your dream build today.

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