Evil ‘The Calling’ in Angry Dolphin

When a bike puts a smile on your face…

It’s not just that the colour of this bike is officially ‘Angry Dolphin’ that puts a smile on my face. This is an awesome, fun and playful mountain bike.

As Evil Bikes say themselves: “Road trippin’, turn slashin’, side-hit-jibbin’, nose-bonkin’, sprint-climbin’ attitude, that’s the Calling”. 

Whatever that means, we couldn’t have said it better!

In the spring 2020 lockdown, when let’s face it, we all felt a little bit crappy, I decided to put together a new custom bike for myself. The result was this: Evil The Calling. 

And I tell you what, I’m pretty stoked with this and happy to say, a little surprised. As you can see it’s got a wacky geometry but it really works. 

Here’s what’s involved:

  • Praxis Lyft carbon cranks
  • Praxis carbon rims, laced upon Hope hubs
  • Sapim CX Ray spokes (27.5 wheel size)
  • Shimano XTR group set
  • Burgtec bar stem saddle
  • KMC chain in gold and black 
  • DMR Death Grips
  • RockShox Pike Ultimate front fork in silver
  • RockShox Reverb seatpost

The build

According to mbr.com in their review of this bike, “The Evil The Calling is the perfect downhiller’s trail bike. With maximum grip, cornering shred-factor and attitude. Easy to ride for intermediates too”.

Evil Bikes make some of the maddest, most fun bikes you can get on the market today. There’s so much personality bursting out of every bike they make, you won’t want to keep yours in the shed in case it gets lonely. 

To go with it, I used Californian brand, Praxis, for their Lyft carbon cranks and carbon rims, which were laced upon Hope hubs. This combo provides super light componentry but super sturdy performance. 

DMR death grips are the perfect match for a mountain bike like this – and even match the Angry Dolphin turquoise colouring too. 

Sapim CX-Ray spokes are a great investment for a machine like this, even for a rider who will go hard on crazy terrains.

Sapim, Shimano, Burgtec, KMC and the awesome RoxShox all come together to complete this build with all the reliability, sturdiness, and damping you’ll need for an all-out mountain bike ride.

It was my first full suspension for a long time – over 4 years – and I couldn’t be happier with this brilliantly fun bike.

The bike fit

One of the reasons people love to have a custom build is that they can get the perfect bike fit, as well as have fun picking the componentry. So, when we build your bike, we keep the end use in mind and make sure it fits your measurements and optimum position perfectly.

With a professional bicycle fitting service from The Bike Tailor, you have minimal injuries and maximum power for years to come.

Custom-made bike costs

This is your bike, made from your wish list, so the costs will depend very much on what you want to get out of your bike. Feel free to email or call us for an in-depth chat about how we can build your next unique bike.

Interested in getting a custom-built bike?

If you’re looking for a custom build for your next gravel bike, we would be so happy. Go on, make us happy!

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