Evil The Calling

Another fun bike from this awesome brand

Evil doesn’t always mean bad… As you know, I’m a fan of Evil Bikes and recently showed you one of my own bikes, put together last year, called ‘The Calling’ with their amazing ‘Angry Dolphin’ colour finish.

This is another Evil ‘The Calling’ mountain bike and it’s every bit as fun. What did I do?

I used these components for the build

  • Burgtec bars
  • Rockshox fork and Reverb seatpost
  • Praxis carbon rims 
  • Chris King hubs

Anti-serious technology

“Road trippin’, turn slashin’, side-hit-jibbin’, nose-bonkin’, sprint-climbin’ attitude, that’s the Calling. Its anti-serious technology guarantees good times 69% of the time (the other 31% you’re climbing).” – Evil-Bikes.com

Evil is the fantastically alternative, Iron-Maiden inspired baby of Kevin Walsh. Evil is based in Seattle, Washington and one of the brand’s other models, The Following, was labelled Mountain Bike of the Decade by Forbes. 

It’s pretty simple: this bike just puts a massive smile on my face. It’s so much fun to ride, it’s playful, and it’s bloody great quality. 

To the basic frame I added RockShox fork and Reverb seatpost. Another US brand, the RockShox range provides this bike with great suspension and dampers, ideal for taking this machine off road, up-hill, and down-hill – and everything in between. 

Praxis carbon rims bring support, stiffness, and strength to this bike. The Chris King hubs are ever reliable and ever versatile. 

This was for a very longterm local customer, and they were pretty stoked with the result. It’s a great shape right?

Getting a great bike fit

When you get a custom build with The Bike Tailor, you will not just get a new bike, you will also get the benefits of a bike fit too. That means a more pleasurable ride; fewer areas of pressure or injuries; less fatigue, and more power.  

Bike fitting

How much will I pay for a custom built bike?

We create your bike from components that are best suited to your needs. We don’t create frames from scratch, but use a small number of trusted expert frame makers from around the world. We then build our bikes around the frames, with elements that can be customised to fit your shape and cycling style. Pick up the phone and have a chat with us; we think you might be pleasantly surprised at the cost of a totally unique bike, made for you. 

Let’s chat!

Just a five-minute phone conversation will allow us to get to the heart of what you’re looking for. If you can’t talk right away, why not complete the quick form on our contact page and request a call back from us? 

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