Evil The Following

Follow the trail… great things await

We’ve built custom bikes with Evil frames many times before and this one, The Following, is every bit as comfortable, every bit as wicked as their other models. 

The Following was labelled Mountain Bike of the Decade by Forbes and is Evil’s version of a trail bike. It’s a bit of an animal. It’s been created to be “even faster up than it is down… even if that flat out seems impossible”.

Our build was designed to be super light and super nimble. It needs to be able to switch up on all kinds of challenging terrains and never hold the rider back for one second. That’s a lot to ask.

The Following components were used in the making of this bike:

  • The Following frame
  • RockShox fork
  • Praxis carbon rims
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes 
  • Hope Pro 4 hubs 
  • Cane Creek eeWings Pro 4crank 
  • Absolute Black chain ring
  • Burgtec finishing kit 
  • SRAM ASX gearing

This way for the build

To do this bike justice, I needed to pick only the best parts available at this time. 

I used some faithful friends like Praxis for the lightweight carbon rims; plus Sapim CX-Ray spokes on Hope Pro 4 hubs. I’m a huge fan of Hope hubs, a brand I also went to for the brakes and rotors.

I used a RockShox Pike fork, because I love this brand and believe that they just get better and better. The Pike has been specifically designed for trail bikes. You can really fine tune this fork so the rider can reduce friction, keep fatigue at bay, and keep control no matter what’s going on under those wheels. 

There was only one option when it came to the crank, and that was Cane Creek. These cranks are made from titanium with a titanium axle to ensure low weight and great stiffness. 

Then I went to SRAM for their groupset and finished this beast with a Burgtec finishing kit – that’s bar stem, seatpost, and saddle. 

The extra mile…

When you get a custom-built bike with The Bike Tailor, as well as your new bike you’ll also get a great bike fit too. That means more ride satisfaction; lower chance of injury; less fatigue; and importantly, more fun. 

How much will I pay for a custom built bike?

What you need out of your bike will mean each build is different, and each price is different. We don’t create frames ourselves, but what we do is use a small number of trusted expert frame makers from around the globe. You can read more about our frame brands here.


We then build our bikes around the frames, with components customised to suit you. We will say that the cost of a bespoke bike with The Bike Tailor isn’t too different from a lower quality, off the peg bike. 

So get in touch

You’re only a couple of minutes away from talking to us about your next bike. A quick tip: we find we can really get to know what you’re looking for if you pick up the phone for a short chat. If you can’t talk now, why not complete the quick form on our contact page? We can always call you back.  

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