Festka Rover Gravel Bike

Gold Road’s Sure a Long Road

How gorgeous is this bike? Finished in gold, black and olive, our Festka Rover Gravel bike is a thing of beauty. But just to admire it would be a waste of an awesome machine that can take you for miles of adventures.

We have this Festka at our workshop and these photos were taken in the bright space at Stanmer Park, where we have our office and fitting room.

Festka is a Czech brand, one of our small selection of regular suppliers and this is their Rover Gravel bike. It’s a custom build with a carbon frame and we used… no wait, let’s do this properly. We’ll start with the list of top-notch components, then tell you what we did. (Good things come to those who wait, after all.)

Festka Rover Gravel Bike


  • Rotor Uno Groupset
  • Alto wheels on an Onyx hub
  • Sapim CX Ray spokes
  • Maxxis rambler tyres
  • Thomson carbon seat post, carbon bar
  • Extralite HyperStem
  • Fabric carbon saddle

the build

Festka Rover is an all-in-one gravel and road bike, able to handle both types of terrain with the sturdiness and class that we’ve come to expect from this amazing Prague brand. Launched in 2019, the Rover is versatile, with the added bonus of being able to add on mudguards and a rack. Made from carbon, it’s light but hardcore, just what the doctor ordered.

As listed above, this custom build also features a hydraulic, 12 speed Rotor Uno Groupset–again, light and reliable, just like its bedfellows.

Alto wheels and Maxxis rambler tyres on the Onyx hubs mean great grip and engagement with the surface; Sapim CX-Ray spokes will last this rider for years to come, no matter what surface he spins them on.

One of my favourite parts of this bike is the Extralite aluminium Hyperstem, weighing in at just 74 grams (less than the weight of a pack of cards!). It’s tough and versatile, great for the ambidextrous nature of the Rover. This amazing little component helps the rider conserve energy in their upper body, especially important in sprints and climbs.

Extralite hyperstem stealth

Finished with a Thomson carbon seat post and bar plus always-comfortable Fabric carbon saddle (this being a most important feature of a gravel bike, right?), the rider of this bike will be able to endure the longer rides that this fantastic bike can take him on for a long time to come.

the bike fit

Good bikes are bad bikes unless they fit the rider properly. So,we use our skills, tech and know how to provide our customers with a great bike fit as standard with any bike build. More comfort, fewer injuries, and more amazing rides: what’s not to love?


Your bike will be set up for your personal needs, so the price will depend on what you want to get out of your bicycle. Feel free to email or call us for a chat about how we can build your next bike (one that none of your friends will have).

interested in getting a custom-built bike?

If you’re looking for your next gravel bike and are thinking about a custom build, email us via our contact form today. We’ll give you a call, find out what you need; you might find out that our quote isn’t that different from a ready-made machine that still needs fitting to you anyway…

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