Mosaic GT-1 Gravel Bike

The missing piece of your cycling puzzle

Who doesn’t love a country lane ride? This bike was made for one lucky customer who lives in the New Forest and wanted a bike for road, gravel, and country lanes.

It’s a custom geo bike: the Mosaic GT-1 Gravel Bike.

Lightweight, great for country lane riding, great for adventure riding. Just what you need to invigorate the senses.

It’s kitted out with:

  • Shimano Dura-Ace groupset 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes 
  • Enve wheels 
  • Enve cockpit – handlebar, stem, and seatpost 
  • Chris King hubs 
  • Fizik saddle

An adventure bike

We know that, while you might ride predominantly on one kind of terrain, you’re not always going to be solely off-road or on-road when you take your bike out for a long trek. This bike takes care of that. 

“On the spectrum of gravel bikes, the GT-1 is closer to a road bike than an adventure bike. The geometry lands between traditional road and off-road frame specs” –

The frame has a 3/2.5 double butted tubeset, so it can take a bit of a throttling all year round, in any climate without corrosion or denting. Good job for riding in the UK then.  

The Enve wheels and cockpit felt like the natural choice for this bike. When you’re trying to create a versatile bicycle, you want the cockpit to take knocks, vibrations, and be ultra-stiff. The Enve collection of barstem, handlebar, and seatpost more than take care of that. Paired with Enve wheels, whose very design is based on riding on tough surfaces, and you have a sturdy bike that you can rely on, wherever you take it. 

After taking care of the other elements of this bike, you don’t want to let the (back)side down with a run-of-the-mill saddle. No-one wants a miserable ride, or worse still, injuries from not sitting in a natural position. We chose a Fizik saddle for this bike. Thanks to Fizik’s twenty years of scientific research, they’ve come up with saddles that suit every bum, every rider, and every ride.

The bike tailor cycle fit service

You’ll always get the Bike Tailor fitting service from the minute you start your custom build experience. Think of us as the Saville Row of your brand-new bicycle. Measurements are taken and the final product is tailored to you, and only you. 

Bike fitting

How much will i pay for a custom built bike?

Every custom build is different, so the cost of your bike will depend on what you need. We’ll provide you with a quote as soon as we have a good idea of your wish list, and we’ll keep you involved in the process from start to finish.

do you have any other questions?

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