Mosaic GT-2 45 Gravel Bike


Spring is a great time of year to start exploring different terrains after a long winter (and this was written at the end of a lockdown winter!). 

So, gravel bikes are a great choice for versatile riding on bridleways, gravel roads, tracks, trails – and also a bit of road cycling. 

Even better if you can get your hands on a bike with amazing colours, to really stand out from the crowd and give Mother Nature a run for her money. 

A custom build with a custom paint job will really make your bike ‘pop’! 

Here’s one we put together with a Mosaic GT-2 45. The custom-made finishing kit, stem and seatpost come in mango and lime green. You get the pop-art inspired pattern as standard on this bike, but the choice of colour is yours.

How did we put this arty little thing together?

• Chris King headset and wheelset (in matte mango for a totally topical taste) 

• DT Swiss rims 

• Sapim CX-Ray spokes 

• Praxis carbon rims and gravel chainset 

• SRAM X01 chain and rear derailleurs  

• Paired with SRAM Force AXS shifter and breakset

• Finished with an Ergon saddle and Thomson aluminium gravel bar

The build

Mosaic GT-2 45 frame: like the GT-1, this is one of the best gravel bikes on the market globally. It has a simpler tubeset than its number one sibling, and is a little cheaper thanks to its stock sizing update. Like any gravel bike, you’re looking for a high level of comfort, durability, and capability. This will give you that in buckets.

The Chris King headset and wheelset keeps the fruit salad colour scheme in check, while adding the ever-reliable precision performance. 

Sapim CX-Ray spokes are also a great investment, even for a rider who will go hard on crazy terrains.

SRAM was the chosen manufacurer for this bike’s chain, rear derailleurs, Force AXS shifter, and breakset. SRAM has been around since 1987 with its Grip Shift being first out of their box of tricks. Since then, it has expanded its portfolio and, like Bike Radar says, they can offer almost any part for a bike. It’s a high end, reliable brand that we return to again and again. 

The saddle is from Ergon and is perfect because Ergon really is not ‘once size fits all’. They have saddles for different rides and different riders. This one is perfect for gravel bikes, with comfort and endurance part of its make up. 

Thomson gravel bar – well, the clue is in the name. Thomson is an awesome brand that we love and their gravel bar provides great impact resistance for gravel riders.

The bike fit

We match every bike to its unique rider. So, as we build, we keep your dream bike firmly in mind and make sure it will fit you like a glove. Maximum comfort, minimum problems.

Custom-made bike costs

Costs depend on what you want to get out of your bike build. We find it’s infinitely easier to chat through your wishes, so email or call us to run through what you’d like for your next unique bike. 

Interested in getting a custom-built bike?

If you’re looking for a custom build for your next gravel bike, we would be so happy. Go on, make us happy!

do you have any other questions?

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