Mosaic RT-2

Classic Mosaic road bike, hand delivered

We don’t mind where you’re based; we will come to you if you need us to, and we can deliver your shiny new bike straight to your door. We made this Mosaic RT-2 for a great client in London.
It’s another Mosaic bike that’s been custom painted by the amazing Fat Creations and we love it!

The ingredients:

  • Mosaic RT-2 frame 
  • Chris King ceramic hubs
  • DCR carbon rims
  • Enve finishing kit
  • 4iii Power Metre
  • Fabric saddle 
  • Thomson clamp

Just can’t wait to get on the road again

The Mosaic RT-2 is such a great road bike – there’s something so classic about their style, too. Mosaic describes this bike as follows: “Size specific tube sets hone the comfort and endurance characteristics of the RT-2 while not losing the snappy feel of a titanium bike.”

Another main feature of this frame is the well-considered geometry for stable handling. And, as always from this US brand, the craftsmanship is second to none. I make a point of visiting frame workshops to see what they do first-hand, and I am always so amazed at these guys’ skills. 

This bike also has a 4iii power meter to measure the performance of the rider. So many people use them, not just professionals. The 4iii is “the only crank-based power meter to use 3 strain gauges to measure all forces in your pedal stroke”. 

We needed this bike to be comfortable and sturdy for the road. So, we used Chris King ceramic hubs, DCR carbon rims, an Enve finishing kit, and Fabric saddle. While this is a beautifully simple bike in many ways, creating effective simplicity is a skill in itself. So, we use the skills of elite manufacturers to ensure that your ride is the pinnacle of what it can be.

The Bike Tailor cycle fit service

Bike fitting can be overlooked, especially for a new bike. You don’t have to be a professional cyclist to benefit from a great bike fit. Get your alignment just right and honestly, you will feel the benefit for any length of ride.

Bike fitting

Building a bike from scratch – what does it cost?

Your custom bike will be unique, so it all depends on what you need. When you speak to us, it’s great if we can find out as much info as possible about what you’re looking for. Then, we’ll get a quote together and go through it with you. 

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