Parlee RZ-7

Nothing feels better than going faster

Have you seen the latest aero bike from Parlee – the RZ-7? It was actually released in late 2019 (remember those care free days?) and it is an awesome aero bike.

RZ-7’s carbon fibre, aerodynamic shape defies the wind and provides the all-important speed you need, as well as effortless dexterity. Like Parlee says: “Nothing feels better than going faster. And faster feels better on a Parlee.” Quite!

What did we use to make this bike?

  • Parlee RZ-7 frame
  • Enve wheels
  • Chris King hubs

The frame itself is the key component for making this bike as aerodynamic as it can be. The tube design, called Recurve 2.0, is super-efficient thanks to its scallop design. It’s speedy, loads of fun to ride, and another amazing asset to this US brand.

According to this frame is also really great for some off-roading as well as smooth road rides.

Enve SES wheels are a key component here too. Their sleek design complements the aero features of the frame and allow for wider tyres. Made from lightweight carbon, they provide stiffness and strength, as well as reliable handling.

Chris King hubs –well, what can we say? Chris King is a favourite brand of ours and these hubs allow for amazing precision and again, reliability.

What do you think?

The famous Bike Tailor fit

We custom fit every bike we build. The result is the perfect bike for each individual rider. No niggles, no discomfort, just top performance.

Bike fitting

How much does a custom-built bike cost?

Costs can range depending on what you want, so call us for a chat and once we know more about your spec, we can give you an idea of price. If you have a budget, let us know that too.

Interested in talking to us about a custom-built bike?

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