Parlee Z-Zero Lightweight

Lightweight bike, heavy duty rides

Painted by Alistair McLean at the brilliant Fat Creations (motto: “Paint it, ride it, race it, crash it” – love it!) this is an awesome Parlee Z-Zero Lightweight – weighing in at just 5.5kg!

The lucky rider of this bike will be able to sleigh up hills and glide down descents with ease, due to how lightly and nimbly the bike reacts.

This build involves:

  • Parlee Z-Zero Lightweight frame 
  • Darimo Spanish seatpost, bar and stem
  • THM carbon crank
  • Meilenstein lightweight wheels
  • Lizard Skins bar tape
  • Schmolker carbon saddle 
  • Cane Creek EE brakes

keeping it light

This is a timeless frame. According to Parlee themselves: “In an industry where three years is considered the normal lifespan of a bicycle design, our Z-Zero stands alone. A design so advanced that it still continues to be a benchmark”.

Weighing in at an unbelievable 5.5kg (about the same as a cat, apparently), this model is lightweight because Parlee have reduced the metal content to less than 20 grams. It’s been designed to suit a broad range of different athletes and is incredibly strong, with amazing torsional performance. 

Naturally, we didn’t want to weigh this bike down with heavy componentry. So, we used Meilenstein lightweight wheels, which are perfect for endurance and comfort alike. 

A lightweight cockpit from Darimo was selected for this build. Darimo is a Spanish company, that makes really great carbon fibre seatposts, bars, and stems. 

A slim Schmolker lightweight saddle is the cherry on this cake, with comfort for endurance at all times, wherever you are on your ride.

The bonus!

You can see this bike being built! Head to Gee Milner’s Dream Builds YouTube page to see this bike coming to life.

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