Pegoretti Responsorium

One of Italy’s best loved legends

The Responsorium, or ‘Respo’ for short, is named after an album by Argentine musician, Dino Saluzzi (we had to look that up too). That’s one of the things we love most about the fabulous Italian frame maker, Dario Pegoretti: they are unique in their creativity, even down to the names of their bikes, often after music or musicians. 

The Respo is one of the Verona brand’s top frames due to its versatility – according to the makers themselves this road bike frame is fast, comfortable, and works well in even the most challenging environments. 

This is a fantastic frame which deserves top quality componentry to allow for a longer, smoother, and more comfortable ride. This is quite a leftfield build; many bike builders would use Italian parts on an Italian frame, but we wanted to put our own stamp on it. 

Let’s dive in and look closer at what we used.

The Respo build VIP list:

  • Dario Pegoretti ‘Respo’ road bike frame from Verona, Italy 
  • 54cm size frame, unique custom finish with freeform ‘Ciavete’ paint work
  • Stainless steel XCR
  • Pegoretti carbon fork
  • Chris King D11 headset in black
  • C-Bear ceramic bottom bracket
  • SRAM Red AXS shifter
  • SRAM Red AXS rear mech
  • eeWing cranks limited (Raven)
  • Carbon-Ti chainring
  • eeBrakes
  • Schmolke carbon rim, carbon bars, seatpost, stem, bar end plugs, and headset cap
  • Chris King hubs 24 hole
  • Vittoria Corsa tyres
  • Lizard Skins bar tape

Let’s step behind the velvet rope

According to the great guys at Pegoretti: “The Responsorium blends custom drawn Columbus XCR steel with Pegoretti signature hooded dropouts and 16mm cylindrical non-tapering stays. Coupled with its thinner walls and more extensive butting, the Responsorium affords a touch more vertical compliance than our other frames, making it a great choice for very long days in the saddle.”

So, with that in mind, we added a carbon fork made by the brand themselves. It’s made from a single piece, which means it provides amazing lateral stiffness and compliance. 

Schmolke was our brand of choice for the rim, seatpost, bars, stem, bar end plugs, and headset cap in this build. Made from carbon, Schmolke’s parts are lightweight yet robust enough to take the strain of your road ride. 

SRAM AXS shifter and front and rear mech offer wide range and close progression, so you’re always in the right gear. A quiet, confident, smooth ride whatever the landscape. A wireless system that does exactly what you want, when you want ( 

eeBrakes from Cane Creek are a favourite for us at The Bike Tailor. Light weight, unrivalled stopping power – basically everything you want and expect from this fantastic brand. 

Finally, you must have a final flourish of style even in the smallest of components. We chose Lizard Skins bar tape for a touch of class that a Pegoretti bike deserves. 

The Bike Tailor magic

Any time you buy a custom bike with The Bike Tailor you will always get a professional bicycle fit as part of the package. You want to know you will have ride satisfaction, fewer injuries, less burnout, and most crucially even more fun.  

How much does it cost to get a custom-built bike?

We never make the same bike twice and this custom build has been put together with a unique set of bespoke componentry. It’s partly your choice as the rider and partly our expertise that influences what we use on each bike. When it comes to the frames, we don’t create them ourselves, but what we do is use a small number of trusted expert frame makers from around the globe. You can read more about our work with Pegoretti here.

Interested? We think you might be…

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