The Bike Tailor’s tips for aero on a budget – with 220 Triathlon

Can you get more aero on a budget?

Our pals at 220 Triathlon magazine are on a mission to dispel the myth that being aero involves expensive equipment. To help, we put together some wallet-friendly tips to improve your aerodynamics on the bike stage of a race.

We enlisted the help of an experienced triathlete and headed to Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub to put our tips to the test.

The perfect fit

According to our very own Stephen Roche, improving your aerodynamics begins with finding the perfect fit. A small adjustment in your position can shave off precious seconds, or even minutes, from your race time. Our test subject, Tomos, who is targeting his first Olympic distance triathlon this year, reported fewer sore spots and less fatigue after even the smallest of adjustments.

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