Bringing Brighton’s Cycling Expertise to London: The Bike Tailor’s Cool Showroom Setup

Bringing Brighton’s cycling expertise to the UK’s capital, The Bike Tailor is an international center for all things bike fitting. With global brand partnerships and finely tuned bike deliveries reaching as far as Bangladesh, serving cyclists in London holds equal significance in our mission.

That’s why Bike Tailor founder and manager, Stephen Roche has teamed up with London’s VIA Atelier. 

VIA is a mecca for cyclists, showcasing the best brands from around the world, all in one place, located in the iconic area of King’s Cross – it is

“London’s first cycling showroom – a destination for all cyclists, stocking the top brands and products, plus rides, screenings, food, events and more.”

When one cycling hero meets another… 

Stephen, leveraging Brighton’s cycling expertise, began offering bike fitting services to London cyclists on an ad hoc basis at VIA earlier this year. The experience was immensely enjoyable, prompting him to establish a regular presence. Recognizing the shared passion for cycling and the exceptional team at VIA, Stephen partnered with them to organize a two-day-a-week bike surgery, ensuring London cyclists receive top-notch expertise and care.

Stephen says, “I just love the vibe of this place – here at VIA, we’re surrounded by all kinds of people every day, whether they are local office workers coming for coffee or keen road bikers here to get the best out of their rides. It’s relaxing and exciting all at the same time.

“I love how one day we can do a bike fit for a keen road biker, and the next day we could make someone’s commuter bike fit them better to give them a more pleasant ride into work. There really is no one-size-fits-all approach here – either for people’s bikes or the services we offer.”

What’s on offer

Among the services the Bike Tailor team offers at VIA are a complete professional bicycle refit, bike sizing, saddle fitting, formthotics, and cleats setup. Not only all of that wonderful stuff but also The Bike Tailor is one of a few fitters in London who can perform saddle pressure mapping (in short, this is a precise way to see where there is more pressure between your butt and your bike, to help find better, less painful alternatives). 

Expert is as expert does – The Bike Tailor team works with amazing technology and has all the know-how to turn a good bike into a great bike.

Are you a cyclist living in London?

The Bike Tailor is available to carry out expert, professional fittings at VIA Atelier every Thursday and Friday – everyone is welcome to rock up, from commuter road cyclists to gravel cyclists and triathlon bikers.

Book your session in the Big Smoke today 

It’s dead easy – just click here, choose your service and away you go! You can choose a service from Stephen himself or from another of the expert team.


And if you’re not in London…

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