Our latest shoot with Gee Milner Dream Builds

Evil The Following Dream Build

Over the last few months, we’ve been lucky enough to feature in some of Gee Milner’s Dream Build videos. Gee comes along and films us as we build bespoke bikes in our beautiful Stanmer Park workshop. 

The latest of our builds in this series is an Evil bike. Evil is an awesome USA brand and this custom build uses their mountain bike frame, called ‘The Following’.

The Bike Tailor and Evil The Following

Evil is known for amazingly unusual geometry and this particular model is not going to buck that trend just for you. The seat tube angle is 77 degrees and is described by Evil as “tyrannically steep”. We just love the challenge that evokes.

With this build we wanted to keep things super light and super nimble, so we chose the best components that are available at the moment. That includes a RockShox fork; Praxis carbon rims; Sapim CX-Ray spokes; Hope hubs; and Cane Creek cranks. 

You can read more detail about this build at our Bike Builds page. You never know, this could be your next bike too…

Evil, The Bike Tailor, and Gee Milner

If you’ve never watched a Gee Milner Dream Builds video, it’s something we recommend you do as soon as you’ve finished reading this. There’s something so mindful and sympathetic about the way he films. The bike is always the star of the show, and Gee highlights the details that every bike enthusiast wants to see. 

Here’s his YouTube channel you can subscribe there and also check out his other videos too. 


There will be more great stuff to come with The Bike Tailor and Gee Milner, a little later in 2021.

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