The Bike Tailor’s Stephen Roche – Interview with Cycling Industry News

The awesome Cycling Industry News covered the story this week (September 2020), chatting to Stephen about his recent journey. And it all started with a comment from one valued customer:

I buy into you, not the shop”

“I buy into you, not the shop”

Leading up to 2020, Stephen had been seeing a change in industry practices, with online retailers constantly gazumping prices, leading to more and more price-match requests. The casual comment from his loyal customer was the final straw.

“I decided there and then to switch my focus and put my specialist knowledge to use,” said Stephen.

Half a year on from the first national lockdown and Stephen has a booming business at the foot of the beautiful South Downs National Park, just outside the cool, seaside city of Brighton and Hove. Using his bike fitting and building expertise, plus his up-to-the-minute wind tunnel testing technology at Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, Stephen provides tailormade bikes for his amazing customers.

And it’s a global event…

Stephen has been flown to Dubai, the USA, and many other points on the globe to do cycle fits in office buildings. This is ideal for elite enthusiasts and professionals who have limited time to get to a bike fitting service, but who want to spend the right amount of money on an expert to fit their bike. It’s a mutually fulfilling arrangement.

Stephen is here to make a real difference to athletes’ performance – providing the experience as much as the product.

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