The 220 Triathlon unofficial aerodynamicist

Stephen from The Bike Tailor is an aerodynamicist. He regularly sees the athletes he works with qualify for Kona, and in August 2020 and shared his aero knowledge with Matt Baird from 220 Triathlon. 

Recently, Stephen has become 220’s unofficial aerodynamicist, putting their Ironman tri-suits through the Silverstone wind-tunnel experience. 

According to Matt Baird: “However global or local our own tri ambitions are, Roche’s knowledge of bike fitting and aerodynamics can benefit all of us.”

What are his secrets to improving biking performance?

The winning formula

One of Stephen’s success stories was a London solicitor, who came to him as a referral from another client. 

She wanted to race an Ironman, which she did after a bike fit. Stephen continued to refine her position as she went on to compete in another Ironman and she later on qualified for Kona. 

Stephen was thrilled and was vindicated in his belief that aerodynamics on a bike starts with a really good bike fit. 

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