The Bike Tailor helps 2020 Triathlon magazine with Tri-Suit tests

We used our wind tunnel know-how to test the best tri-suits

A tri-suit is an all-in-one piece of clothing designed for people who take part in all three disciplines of a triathlon. It is flexible, hydrodynamic, and aerodynamic and includes a comfortable pad for the cycle leg of the race.

As the only thing that stays with you for the entire triathlon, 220 Triathlon magazine has declared the tri-suit a fundamental piece of gear. And quite right too.

In June 2020 the guys 220 compiled a guide to the best tri-suits on the market. They asked The Bike Tailor’s very own Stephen Roche to get involved with the wind tunnel testing. 

He happily obliged.

Everyone claims to have the fastest suit

But not everyone can have the fastest suit, right? 

The Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub’s wind tunnel helped find the answers. 

The rider who took part in the tests was a £10,000 mannequin by the name of Graham. He sat in the tri-bar position, then we turned the wind tunnel speed up to 45km/h. We also blasted a few different crosswind angles at Graham for good measure. 

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