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We’ve done your research for you and looked all over the world for the most talented people to provide the componentry for our custom builds.

Tsubasa is one of our awesome UK based brands.

about Tsubasa

Tsubasa is based in London and run by a great guy with an architectural/ design background, called Edvinas (Ed) Vavilovas. If you were wondering, Tsubasa is Japanese for ‘wing’ – and what better feat of natural engineering is there to inspire a sense of freedom on a bike ride? 

According to TheSpoken.cc “[Wing] is a fitting description, as the first aspect of the frames is their raw texture, combined with satin-smooth surfaces.”

Tsubasa came first in Bike Radar’s Top 5 2020 Road Superbikes. (They labelled the Crow model ‘the superest super bike in all the land’.) Tsubasa makes all their bikes from carbon fibre, and can customise the geometry and stiffness of their frames, which we think is just great.

The frames themselves are remarkable to look at, as they use a resin that is UV and chemical resistant – not paint – giving them a very raw look that belies their meticulous creation.

Tsubasa models


Crow is a beautiful piece of work. It won a Campagnolo Award for Best Handmade Carbon Fibre Road Bicycle and has been built for speed. It is light and, depending on the stiffness of the frame you go for, it flutters on the scales at around an astonishing 0.74kg. 

Its lightness gives way to responsiveness, agility, and is perfect for any slope and surface. cyclingtips.com

This bike can be sympathetically adapted to suit your needs, with lightweight componentry custom measured and custom fit by us with rim or disk brake – for any type of ride you favour.

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This model is so called because of the application of Kevlar® honeycomb to the frame. This forms a protective layer, increasing the durability of the frame’s core.

Mainly though, this name is apt because it was designed to be a “busy bee”. Ed wanted this frame to be used on long rides and in any manner of conditions. Tough, durable, and aerodynamic, the Bee is a tough little creature, and will see you through to the finish.

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Bike tailor custom bike build terms & conditions

When you order a Tsubasa custom built bike from The Bike Tailor, you will be asked to provide us with a deposit of up to 75%. We’ll need a minimum of around 12 weeks to measure, fit, and build a custom bike. This is an estimate, and we can’t guarantee any build time. But we will always keep you in the loop. Get in touch to talk more about your next custom bike build. Email sr@thebiketailor.com or call 01273 569006.


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