After working in cycling aerodynamics for the past 7 years in the Southampton wind tunnel, I am delighted to announce that we are going to be moving our aerodynamics testing to the new state of the art Sliverstone sports engineering hub, based at Sliverstone race cours.

The centre has been built around a state of the art wind-tunnel, a facility designed to offer cycling enthusiasts spanning across abilities, the opportunity to be able to use a wind tunnel to help improve their performance as simply and effectively as possible.

I have drawn from my years of experience and expertise to develop an ultimate service experience, using revolutionary products and equipment best designed to support your cycling performance and enjoyment. Across all areas, you can have confidence that you and your bike are in the hands of experts who truly understand your performance needs.

To book in a wind-tunnel fitting session at the performance centre or to check availability, please click on the link at the bottom of the page. 


Built for testing bikes, clothing and equipment, the Wind Tunnel will help you make informed purchasing decisions that will impact on your success on the road or track and triathlon.


Saddle Pressure Mapping
Formthotics custom footbeds and Dartfish 3D Motion, live in the tunnel.

• Aerodynamic expertise: Take advantage of my experience in aerodynamics and knowledge from working in leading wind tunnels around the world with cycling athletes, both amateur and professional as well as a number of national cycling teams.

• Run-by-run feedback: Immediate data insight within the run itself, and continuous expert guidance for positional or equipment changes.

• 3D Mapping service in the tunnel using our state of the art software.

• Saddle and pad pressure mapping using Wiva.

• Biomechanics tracking using Dartfish.

• Highly advanced technical capabilities: Enjoy using the most advanced wind tunnel available for cyclists, with within-run yaw-sweep capabilities (+/- 30 degrees) and testing at different wind speeds (up to 80 km/h).
We can also cater for most bike types and sizes including downhill mountain bikes.

• Advanced image analysis: Quantification of frontal area and drag coefficient.

• Aerodynamic profile: A comprehensive and accessible data record, cataloguing each run and including video and high-resolution photography.

• Performance modelling: Identify how changes to your aerodynamic profile convert to increased speed on the road, or in power saved.


• Rider Ambition: Competitive; being the best you can be.

• Event Type: Any speed event, e.g. time-trial, triathlon, road-racing, track, downhill mountain-biking.

• Experience: Intermediate to advanced; professional rider; important that the rider has a well-dialled position.

• When: Anytime, but ideal for the off-season and for pre-season preparation.

• Tunnel session can be booked for weekday and evening and also weekend books.

We recommend an annual session for positional exploration and optimisation, with periodic sessions throughout the year for follow-ups and trialling of different setups.


Trial advanced equipment and clothing: access to a wide range, bars, wheels, along with helmets, skinsuits and other accessories, upon request. Expert consultation and guidance for you and your event:

• 60 min wind-tunnel time with me.

• Baseline (current position) analysis.

• Run-by-run guidance on positional changes.

• Within-run yaw sweep (cross-wind) and Reynolds sweep (different wind speeds capabilities).

• Gains quantification and on-the-road performance predictions.

• Debrief (15-min) and recommendations.

• Website portal access for data, video and photography.

• Trial advanced equipment and clothing: access to a wide range of bikes, bars, wheels, along with helmets, skinsuits and other accessories.


Starting from £375 per hour Includes 15-minutes debrief session.

We recommend a minimum of 2-hour bookings for new users. Should you need to request any time extensions to your session, please let me know and I will be happy to quote accordingly.

Standard bike fitting linked into a 2 hour wind tunnel session.

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Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub offers a range of Wind Tunnels, test rigs, offices and workshops aimed at the Sports Engineering Industry. Bringing together some of the industries leading companies into one community, offering unique opportunities for collaboration and state of the art R&D.

An open jet, open return wind tunnel designed specifically for the sports market making intensive aerodynamic study available for athletes, teams and coaches in a cost effective manner.

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